fredag 22. april 2011


It's Easter, and I love it!!!

We've been at my parents now a couple of days - now we are stuffed with a lot of yummi food and lots of sweets. And today we are drivng to my parents in law's cabin. The nicest place on earth. No kidding!!

And since I can't bring myself to wear yellow - with my red hair and tender skin I look like death. Shame really cause I love the color.

Therefore, I will use it in the details ;D

Anyone remerber the 80's here? When there was nothing on the TV? ;D

Here is another piece of Camilla Prytz. This was my first one - and it's actually my favourite although I love every piece I have. But take a look at the details - again ;-) The details in these jewlerey are amazing, and I was completely sold when I saw the baby kangaroo.

Maxidress and bangles: H&M
Bra: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Chloè
Purse: Zara
Necklace: Camilla Prytz
Earrings: Handmande from Gründerløkka

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Fabulous accessories!! :d love the color on the bag and shoes! :D


  2. This is so nice
    I love the bag, the accessories, and the shoes!

  3. Such a great bag and shoes. Gotta love that colour. :)SarahD

  4. Love this lovely kangaroo ! You have so many animals in your jewelries, I love that ! I love how you put little touches of colors in your outfit !

  5. Nice!!
    I'm following now
    wanna follow me?

  6. Gorgeous mustard yellow shoes, I can always count on you for donning super shoes!! :)

    Hope you had a good easter!