mandag 28. februar 2011

#ACNE Cypress - Spring 2011#

This was last week...

Wearing my usualy "go-to-work-outfit"

Parkas from Jean Paul and Timberland boots

OMG! I look like an old, old lady :D

Yup, it's my Acne maxi skirt 

and Yup, I have other shoes with me :D

So tired of the cold, cold winter now

But today it's offically Spring!!!

Welcome March!!! :D

And therefore it's time for some lighter clothes with lighter colors :-)

This is my Cypress ankle them to death! 



Knickers from Moods of Norway
 Coat from Avoca Anthology
Scarfes from Black Lily

Heart - my baby necklace I chewed on as a child (to my mom's despair)
Butterfly with rosette - ND! Design
Long flower necklace - Hedda

Cardigan from Avoca Anthology
(note that the buttons are different...all in the details you knkow ;-) )

Earrings from Hedda

tirsdag 22. februar 2011


When it comes to accessories I'm a bit of a maximalist :D And if it has some animalistic mark - I'm sold.

Here are some of my animal belts.

They are vintage belts from eBay. The swan is actually a Christopher Ross belt.

Some of my necklaces. Most of them are vintage and I find them online.

And I love great ear candy!!! :-)

Where my current favourite is, and has been that for quite some while now, this gorgeous piece from ND! Design.

søndag 20. februar 2011

#She had made yet another wise shopping decision#

Pic from

Finally, they have arrived; Acne Pixel

...and couldn't resist these cute earrings. 

Can't remember the designer, but they are from the same boutique as my Dalmatian necklace; Syvende Himmel.



fredag 18. februar 2011

# Thank blog it's FRIDAY!!!!#

Going out tonight ...celebrating life with my girls!! :D

Have a great Friday!!

onsdag 16. februar 2011

#Insanely cool vintage birdie#

Yesterday I collected this vintage necklace from Atlantis Dry Goods. This webshop is run by Judy and Karen. The masterminds behind my Beetle belt and Octopus belt.

I have  to say; once again I'm stunned over the jewlery I get from them. 

Combined it with my new By Malene Birger blouse

Cute details on the sleeve :-)

mandag 14. februar 2011


I  don't celebrate valentine...but  my boyfriend does. Sometimes.

Lucky me. 

He gave me the coolest, most kitch necklace you can imagine! He's definitely the bestes. I think I have to make him some sushi a la Samantha again!! ;D


Nolex by Natalia Brilli with my Rado

Vintage boots from eBay

Jeans - Cheap Monday
Shirt - MONKI
Scarf - MONKI

Have a great Valentine's Day!! :-)

Check out this blog for some inspiration:

søndag 13. februar 2011

#Weekend 'laxing#

Finally things are getting calmer here. I've been avoiding my PC after work this week, and yesterday I had a completely PC free day. I work as an analyst and my workingday consists of  studying the PC screen and when we reach a new month it gets crazy. Therefore I decided to rest my head ;-) Now my head has finished its resting and I promise to give you some more posts next week!! :-)

We had a special guest at our place this weekend.

Tinka. She's a 2 year old fairytale breed ;-)