onsdag 7. mars 2012

#Jamaican outfit#

One week left now. Jamaica is really a nice place...even though all the people are begging for some $ here and some $ there

Here in my Soaked in Luxury shirt from Stempel.

mandag 5. mars 2012

#The actual travel outfit#

...and I ended up with what I planned. Which is quite unusual ;-)

And being in the air for hours isn't all that bad when you have some chips, chocolate, Bose and an iPad full of girly entertainment :D

Can't believe that we've been in Jamaica for almost a week already!!!

søndag 4. mars 2012

#Travel outfit#

A perfect travel outfit needs to be comfy, nice and sensible.

So...when you are travelling from 6 degrees C to 28 degrees C that could be a challenge.

But I think I figured it out :-)

Dressed up by STEMPEL

Top, maxiskirt and cardigan  - Rules by Mary (purchased @ STEMPEL)
Shoes - TOMS
Scarf - Weekday
Bag - Dixie

lørdag 3. mars 2012

#Hanna Bernhard crocodile#

Suddenly we saw a glimt of the sun. OMG! 

I celebrated by taking my Croc out for a walk. 
This magnifique piece is made by the great Hanna Bernhard.

 Vintage YSL jacket - a great buy from Amsterdam
Hanna Bernhard Crocodile
Acne pants
Zara blouse
Prada shoes
Mulberry bag

fredag 2. mars 2012

#Leaving Randaberg#

At an age of 31 I still have problems packing a sensible suitcase...

What have I missed this time???

Sandals from Won Hundred

Dress and sandals from Samsø Samsø - got it from STEMPEL

Shirt from Soaked in Luxury - also from STEMPEL
Maybe a pair of shoes? ;-)

torsdag 1. mars 2012


New pair of Christian Louboutin shoes has arrived. And they are flats :D

Love the velvet/spike combination!