søndag 30. januar 2011

# I love SALE#

Sorry for my lack of updates...but this weekend has been full of sosial fun fun fun :D

On Saturday I met a friend for lunch...and she had the most beautiful bracelet.


After lunching we went for some shopping. Didn't plan to buy much...buuuuuut...

I'm a huge fan of Acne. And I promise; I was just cheking if my Pixels had arrived. Suddenly my wardrobe had expand...

And I have to say; the staff at Acne Studios in Stavanger is so great!! :D

I've been drooling over this maxi skirt since I saw it for the first time...but decided it was too expensive. Now on the other hand...

Miniskirt with great zipper details

Long shirts is my favourite clothing...and no one does them better than Acne.

I've also been drooling over this maxi dress from Gestuz...and now it's mine!!! My preciouse!!!

Can't say no to good quality basics from Helmut Lang to a happy price :D

Leather gloves since King Winter still rules Stavanger

Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I love you guys :D

Hope you've had a great weekend as well. This will define the rest of my Sunday ;-)

And yes...your eyes don't lie. You seen New Moon there....I can't jelp myself, but I'm a hopeless Twilight fan. But don't worry...my boyfriend is great...but not that great. I'll have to see this one on my own!! ;D  
There is still some sanity left in this house ;-)

And check out this fantastic blog:


onsdag 26. januar 2011

#Casual Black#

I've never been a very huge fan of cowboy boots...

 Shirt is from the fantastic danish label Gestuz

Purchased @ STEMPEL

My favorite necklace combination:

Vintage Tortolani Taurus neckalce
Miniatyr glasses by Maria Skappel

well...that was until Acne came with their Rider boots.

So here I am today. 

Very casual, very black, very comfy!! :D

søndag 23. januar 2011

#Acne Fur Blond#

I've been in love with Acne fur blue for quite a while...but those colors are a bit sharp for me. So when I found Acne fur blond on sale at AcneStudios.com I couldn't help myself. These colors suits me and my redhead better ;-)

The details are magic. 


Heart necklace is from ND! Design, key necklace from etsy.com and then one handmade necklace from Spain which my boyfriend got for me :-)

Preen oversized silk/angora sweater

Tory Burch bag

 Shoes are Vanessa Bruno shearling laced up booties from VOD boutique
Got a good price on them and excellent customer service!

Oh...and look who appeared on the pictures!! I think he has a bit exposure need!!


Thank you for reading and your sweet, sweet comments!!

#Aaaaaaand the winner is.....#

The gorgous Acne cardigan goes to......


*drum roll*

RAEZ with the fantastic blog CHEAP THRILLS

Congratulations!! :-)


 I will contact you for your shipping andress :-)

fredag 21. januar 2011

#Style Confused???#

So...I've been wondering where to place myself in the huge jungle of styles...

I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm a bit of a styleschitzo ;-) However...I think we can agree on one thing;

I have a kind of an animalistic style ;-)

Vintage Moschino coat

Here we have my beloved Miu Miu's - Dragonfly and Ladybyg together with my Doreen Ryan lizard, Christopher Ross swan belt buckle, vintage Razza Lion necklace, a vintage sebra shoulder pin and I got very lucky on etsy.com; so the elephants is actually a Laloon belt buckle :-)

Vintage necklaces in front of my vintage Diane von Furstenberg blouse 

Vintage Razza necklaces toghether with a vintage turtle necklace.

The cute owl was a x-mas present from a very good friend who knows me very well ;-) The leopard printed scarf is from BikBik and tiger print vintage belt.

And last, but not least...my insane Roberto Cavalli pony hair boots. Got them on sale at Net-a-Porter

Thank you sooo much for reading and your lovely comments!!
You are the best!!!

Have a great weekend!! :-)

(Sorry for the not so good photos, but the light outside wasn't as good as I had planned due to rain and fog :-()

onsdag 19. januar 2011

#New in: Alexander McQueen pumps#


Last week was a good week for me :-)

I got my parachute dress from All Saints which I thought I'd lost to someone else. Got a pair of the coolest Alexander McQueen pumps on sale. And then my bestfriend came with a very kitsch necklace...which I now can't take my eyes of. It is definitely my coolest new piece!! :D

I had to digg up my engineering skills to get the dress in the shape it should be. But I figured it out eventually ;-)

Here is the result:



So kitsch, and so... - me :)

The shoes purchased at net-a-porter

Can't wait to wear this!!! :-)


I will pronounce the winner on Sunday!

søndag 16. januar 2011

#Vintage Band Jacket#

I can't help it, but I am a huge fan of military and band jackets...to my boyfriends despair.

Maybe this is one of the reason???

I was trying to get one of these old jackets, but found out that they were given away as charity to eastern Europe. Since then I've been looking for the perfect militayr/band jacket...and yesterday my mailbox gave me this. Not THE jacket, but still cool :-)

I combined the jacket with a Fendi blouse, Cheap Monday jeans, Barneys coop buckled boots and my vintage Razza necklace - Leo the Lion.

Leo the Lion