fredag 31. desember 2010

#New Years Oufit#

For this New Year Eve I chose an outfit from LuisaViaRoma and Atlantis Home

Outfit consists of a dress from Viktor&Rolf, shoes from YSL and the stunning Octopus belt from Atlantis Home. Can't express how much I love this belt...


His Majesty Octopus

Victor&Rolf dress and champagne glass with print by Gustav Klimt



Happy New Year from Jacob, Gustav, Yves and his Majesty Octopus ;-)   

Thanks for reading and hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve!! :-)

søndag 14. november 2010

#Dsquared - Spine heels#

Today it's all about the shoes...

Ladys and Gents; let me present the Spine Heel Ankle Boot from Dsquared

They are simply


Acne dress - Soaked in Luxury belt
Watch is areally cool  present from my sister.

Vintage Razza Ram necklace

I wore these shoes to work last week...and now all 1200 employees know who I am. ;-)

Thank you for your response! You are the greatest and you make this even more fun to do :-)

mandag 8. november 2010

#The Beetle Belt#

 My morningtrips with my doggie are getting more and more colder and darker.

Pretty dark indeed...
My poor dog looks like a X-mas tree with his lights and reflective vest.
...without I will not have the tiniest chance of spotting him...


And so freakin' cold that the ground is freezing...


Whilst welcoming King Winter, I'm thinking of the summer we had...and how fun my boyfriends cousin and I had it on our photoshoot with Mr. Beetle.

Here are some of the summeroutfits he joined me in.

Pay attention to the Doreen Ryan lizard crawling down my scarf. I named him  Fido after Judy's visitor :-)

Vintage necklace from Atlantis Home. Dress from Nûmph (danish design)

Isn't she beautiful? Vintage Ralph Lauren both dress and riding boots

My two obsessions...

Mr. Beetle together with my Acne Diamond dress. rococo Miu Miu. Love them...too...of course :D

And not many weeks after; His Majesty arrived....this belt buckle is also from Atlantis Home. Isn't he breathtaking ?!?  I promise to do a post with this guy as well. Still working on the outfits...

Karen and Judy are some geniuses. Now I'm waiting for some necklaces as well...think I will order one or two more than I already have decided for. As I mentioned in my previous post; when I get obsessed with things one piece is rarely enough...


Have a nice one, and thank you sooo much for your comments. They really heat up a cold, norwegian winter heart! :-)

fredag 5. november 2010

#Scandinavian Style#

First of all; THANK YOU sooo much for all the feedback I got on my last post. It really inspired me, so I'll try to live up to the expectaions you probably have now in my future posts :-)

When it comes to style I must say I have a split personality...I have never managed to land one specific style. One day it's all about the accessories, one day it's about the shoes...and other days I do it plain. Like today. (even though some people would not call these shoes plain...)

So here you go; this is me working the Scandinavian Style...

Acne Admire shoes
Puuurrfect! Look at the details! Mmmmm...the zipperdetails are just stunning!

Acne tee and Gestuz pants. Both scandinavian design. (Sweeden and Denmark)

Natalia Brillis Nolex together with my Rado. The Rado goes with every style I have!!

Miniatyr Necklace

I fell immediately in love with the Miniatyr glases. Thery're designed by the norwegian designer Maria Skappel. And when I fall in love with things I get really obsessed, so only one pair of these was not enough! Chose the Harry Potter style today since it's Harry Potter time nowadays!! :-)

Miniatyr compared with real size glasses

And this is what was waiting for me when I got home from work!! Aren't the beautyful? I have the best boyfriend :-)

Thank god it's Friday. The best day of the week!

Have a great weekend! :-)