mandag 28. mars 2011

#Blog recommendation #

I finally got the flu...after braging about not being sick at all this winter.


A while ago I got a Stylish blogger award from the beautiful and so very stylish, Iben - the blogger behind Despite Color. I totally forgot about it - so here is my tribute to Iben. Go have a look while I stay in bed and read lots of good crime and watch some Sex and the City for some inspiration ;-)

All pics from Ibens blog Despite Color

torsdag 24. mars 2011

# O' LALA #

One of my favourite stores in Stavanger is O' lala. O' lala is owned by Linda and she has some amazing  and unique clothes. Clothes that no one else in Stavanger has - and I like having something that is a bit special ;-)

Take a look at her blog HERE.

One of my last purchase at O'lala is some beautiful flats from Manoush. I have a huge crush on shoes  without any heel right now, and I have been waiting for these for a while now. And I promise you - they were worth the wait.

Take a darn cute :-)

Combined them with another pair of Sneaky Fox tights. Red this time. Ahhh...I heart colors :-)

mandag 21. mars 2011

#Give me colors!!!!#

Sooooooo sick of winter and cold weather...therefore I decided to get some more colors into my life.

Which I got with a little help from Fam Irvoll & Co :-)

Shoes, necklace, headband and sunnies from Fam Irvoll
Stockings - Sneaky Fox
Cardigan - Gestuz

fredag 18. mars 2011

#Creative shoes#

Couldn't resist posting these :-)

And yes - I would wear every singel pair!!! :D

Have a great weekend, lovely readers!! :-)

onsdag 16. mars 2011

#Technical Problems#

 New post will come as soon as my computer is ready for some picture uploading ;-)

Stay tuned!!! :-) I have some really cool outfits to show!!

torsdag 10. mars 2011

#I heart norwegian music#

Oh is a patriotic post again! ;-) 

No wonder thoug...listen to this :-)

And this is just the top of the iceberg!!!

Enjoy my sweet, sweet readers :D

tirsdag 8. mars 2011

#Against animal abuse#

Remember I told you I went all philosphical here? Well, it started with me watching a PETA film. And then I didn't sleep for two days...

There are so much violence and abuse in this world that we as one individual cannot pick all the fights and we cannot lay down and take all the pain. It is important to live a good life and enjoy.

However; we are in 2011. The science and the technology have reached so far that it is NOT necessary under any circumstances to abuse and/or hurt animals to get good quality products. 
The consequences of not abuse or hurt animals are only a better world. Remember that they are induviduals as well. They can feel pain and fear. So why should they suffer for the human vanity? 

Would you torture this guy??

Say NO to fur from abused animals. And that include Canada Goose jackets and Parajumpers! It is not OK even though the fur is from free living animals. The killing methods are pure torture and should be illegal instantly.

Say NO to animal tested products. This is a list with not animal tested products:

Remember that the leather production can be cruel as well. Make sure you don't buy any shoes, belts or bags from abused animals.

Go ahead; make the right choise.

Now, I'm not a vegeterian. Humans are hunters and we have always been.  I don't see any problem of making the most of the animal we killl as long as it is in a human way. But it is not necessary to torture animals.

I'm very careful of which meat I consume. I don't eat chicken or pork anymore because of the poor husbrandy. There are still work to do with all husbrandy in Norway, but sheep and cows are lucky enough to breathe fresh air outside. I will try to avoid meat if I cannot be sure where it's from.

I've chosen my fight. I cannot change the world, but I can do what I'm able to do with my resources. Now I give my support to DyrevernAlliansen (Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance) and I have joined Dyrevennlige bloggere (animalfriendly bloggers).

('s quite ironic, though, that the human breed - which is the one only breed that actually is capable of destroying the earth with it's overpopulation and overconsuming - sees it as a necessity to kill animals to keep another breed down...Oh well...and by the way; yes, I am a n atheist. I don't believe that human beings are exhaulted everything else because of afterlife, souls and that kinds of shit)

And before you say anything about my Acne Fur Blond (lamb fur) - I've contacted Acne to make sure that the jacket is not from animals that are only used for its fur and are not abused:

Hi Dagmar,

You will get an answer today regarding the specific jacket you've ordered and how the production has been handled. The reason you haven't heard from us is because we are working on a general information document regarding our leather production and that is taking some time I'm afraid. Before we send this information we need to gather information and get documents as proof from our suppliers. As soon as this is done we'll be able to share it with you.

But as promised, you will get a detailed reply regarding the Fur Blond jacket later today.

Sorry for the delay.

Kind regards,
Sebastian, Acne

torsdag 3. mars 2011

#I heart norwegian design#

While fashion weeks are being held all over the big citys now,

I have rediscoverd norwegian design.

Patriot? Maybe a little, but take a look at this, guys!!!

My best friend is getting married this summer, and I'm a proud maid of honour.Now, I've contaced Leila Hafzi to see if I can get one of these dresses. :-)

  I've probably told you about my animal love...?! ;-) 

This probably goes without saying, but...

... I have a couple of Camilla Prytz animals...


Last, but not least; the colorful Fam Irvoll

I've never thought of Fam Irvoll very much...but this Spring I have the biggest crush on colors. So I decided to take a look at her homepage. And yes, I went a bit crazy....again. Now I'm waiting for the two tops shown here and waiting for customer service to give me an answer weather they have any shoes left in my size...