lørdag 16. april 2011

#MiuMiu heart Moods of Norway#

So here they are :-)


My new Miu Miu - I've looked everywhere I can think of to get them in green. And then I found them at Shoebaloo in Amsterdam.

I've combined them with my Moods of Norway dress - still all into colors - and a yellow Sneaky Fox tights since it's Easter. Jewlery is from Camilla Prytz.

Remember my rottweiler who needs his attention?

Here he is again...making sure that we don't forget that he exists ;D

He's the bestes

The large crocodile and the small tiger from Camilla Prytz.

Gotta love the details

16 kommentarer:

  1. AH! They're gorgeous! :D And I LOVE your alligator from Camilla Prytz. <3 Think that one and the sea horse are my favorites.

  2. Creative look!
    I love the accessories and your dress is amazing! :D
    Your dog looks so kind :)


  3. Oh my god ! so much beauties ! These shoes are from heaven, the dress is awesome, the jewelries are lovely ! BRAVO ! and thanks for my eyes !!!

  4. wow love those shoes! great outfit :)

    Glass of Fashion

  5. Love the green combined with yellow, amazing!! ;)

  6. Wow, those Miu Miu shoes are so stunning! I love that you paired it with your yellow tights! Makes all the colors pop! And the necklaces are so beautiful and unique! Especially the crocodile! xoxooxoo

  7. Oh wow this outfit is fantastic! I adore your bright yellow tights and to pair them with the green shoes is GORGEOUS! :) And I love your crcodile necklace as well. xoxo

  8. looooving those babes!!! and the outfit is awesome too, amazing colors!

  9. i am a huge fan of miu miu shoes, to me they are making the most beautiful shoes alive. they are always extravagant and magnificent... so you cannot go wrong with a pair of miu miu's, fabulous choice.

  10. loving all the colors that you use!!
    love the shoes too


  11. I love your animal necklaces and I absolutely adore your shoes the neon green part is incredible.

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  12. Damn. How cool isn't these colors. Yellow and green is so nice together. I love colored tights. Black is always right but colors are so fun.

    Hittad din blogg via någon bloggsite och du har ju en helt underbar stil. Jag har kollat igenom en del av dina inlägg och jag gillar mycket av din stil. Snygga kläder och snygga accesoarer.

    Hälsningar från Sverige.