torsdag 28. april 2011

#Mood pictures from Easter#

We've had the most amazing Easter holiday.
And here are a picture cavalcade from some of our memories.

The first half we spent at my parents house. The live by the most beautiful beach on Karmøy.


Passop really loves it here. Here he can go free and do almost as he likes ;-)

Crazy people. 
It's warm, but not that warm. 18 degrees C - above water. And this is the North Sea...

'laxing :-)

Mr. Beetle taged along (He's from Atlantis Vintage)

Watching the sunset 10m from the beach

Beautiful people

Beautiful rottweiler

Beautiful sun

Beautiful (?) toes ;-)

On Good Friday we went to my parents in laws cabin at Foreneset. The cabin has the most fantastic view over Økstrafjorden.

The food was irreproachable :-)

We cast a fishing net.

And this was all we got.

But when we went fishing with jig our luck turned :-)

We got the time to really take some time off here and relax.

And I finished my last book in my absolute favorite crime series.
It's about the antihero of an detective, Harry Hole. Writte by Jo Nesbø. His books are translated to 37 languages so go ahead ;-) I can highly recommend them.

And when you see something like this, you just have to take a picture.

Maybe not a very flattering picture, but I think it has its charm ;-)

Before we went home I suddenly had to help the guys taking the boat up from the sea. Didn't go as well as planned and I had to change my travelling outfit with less dirty jogging suit ;-) 
(Gestuz shirt and Camilla Prytz necklace)

Hope your Easter was great as well! :-) Now we are back to normal and I have ready some outfitposts ;-)

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  1. Such beautiful pictures
    makes me want to go in vacation!

  2. Wonderful pictures. The food looks amazing!


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    follow me

  3. Wonderful pictures, seems like you've had an awesome Easter.....

  4. OMG the setting sun, the colors are amazing, the water and the sky!!! i should use that as a screensaver. can't believe how gorgeous the colors are. the photo's are so fun to look at, you know, having fun on a weekend, sometimes that is all that matters and they can be the best moment in life.

    I know what you mean about big boobs, i have a D or E, but i am only 5ft. Marlies Dekkers has the most fun and fabulous bra's for big boobs!! they don't look like your grandmothers bra's!!! so you should definitely check her out!!!

  5. takk <3 jeg blir så glad av å høre det. Ser ut som om du hadde en herlig ferie. påske er undervurdert!

  6. Wow, these are cool pictures! Your dog is so cute. And that makes me want to dye my hair white blonde even more!!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  7. Very, very, nice post, your blog is great!!!))

  8. Such great pictures. Looks like you had a fantastic Easter. :)SarahD

  9. I want to have your life!! It looks like you had the most wonderful time and everyone looks so happy. :)

    I love these photos. They are very pretty. xo

  10. looks like such fun! hope you had a lovely easter...obsessed with the beetle belt!!

  11. Wow there are some great pics among this post!
    But wow those guys are crazy!
    Tjeeez it's waaay too cold to jump into the water already!

  12. Heheh, det ser ofte ikke like ille ut som man tror selv ;)

    Ser ut som om du har hatt en knall påske :D

  13. Ser ut som du har hatt en flott påske :)

  14. looks like an amazing easter weekend :-) xx

  15. WOW!!! fabulous post!! I love all the pics and look like a great moments for you!! I like all you made here! :D


  16. this looks like a super fun time! some lovely photos you've got here ;) gorgeous!


  17. I love these pictures from your holidays ! Such wonderful places with wild and beautiful nature !!

  18. these shots make me dream. very beautiful photos..

  19. Scenic beach-side, nice way to spend the easter. Passop looks like he had the best time! :)

  20. great pictures!
    i love your dog!