mandag 21. november 2011

# To blog or not to blog - that was the question #

So...I've been thinking a lot on this blog of mine. You see; I've had quite ambivalent feelings towards this blogging. I really love my weird fashion stuff and I love taking photos. And I must say; I love reading other blogs to get inspiration. And I know I have some pieces that are quite unique and really deserve some attention.

...still; a part of me think this is such a lame hobby for a grown up girl in her early 30's with a "serious" job...cause I really hate the posing part of it! It's so g'dam superficial!!! Half of of me want to be anonymous, but that is a challenge when it comes to take good outfit pictures. The other half does not give a darn ...

The extrovert side of me won this fight. I will continue to expose myself. Some things need to be superficial and I need to have an arena for this type of creativity I'm having. I have chosen to look at this blog as something informative for those who are interessted.

Here is a recapture of some of my doings:

Marilyn Manson

Proenza Schouler shoes - love them.

Natalia Brillis Nolex combined with my Rado


YSL cage boots and Beetle belt from Atlantis Home

Mr. Beetle with my Doreen Ryan pin.

Acne dress with my famous spineheels from Dsquared

Crazyness :D

Viktor & Rolf dress with my majestic octopus belt - also from Atlantis Home

White winter  @ Karmøy - hope for the same this year!! :D

Nicholas Kirkwood - Passop really love these ones ;-)

Miu Miu Ladybug with one attentional sick rottweiler Burberry coat...



Jewelry from ND! Design

Cooking in my Acne shoes

Alexander McQueen + All Saints parachute dress

Acne thigh high boots

Acne Fur Blond

True Love

Casual cheap ' n chic style with vintage boots

Vintage bird necklace - also from Atlantis Home

Moods of Norway blazer and a cute dog necklace

Fam Irvoll

O'la la!!!

Miu Miu

Razza necklace - Leo the Lion


I'm a huge, huge fan of Camilla Prytz

Lucky buy from Atlantis Home via Shrimpton Couture

Onepiece - ugly, but comfy

Elin Kling dress and Passop shows me how to roll in the grass

Blazer and shoes from Zara

All of my vintage belts; Christopher Ross, Mimi D, Ann Turk and Laloon

17. mai- Norways Contitution day

And I said YES :D

See you around people!!! :D

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