mandag 27. februar 2012

#C O L O R#

Saturday we had lunch in Stavanger. The colorful part of Stavanger. Øvre Holmegate.

Harry Camping - a very colorful store with lots of fun stuff
My favourite place
Sjokoladepiken - Chocholate Girl

Lots and lots of heavenly homemade chocholate

My favourite: Uren Luren Himmelturen
No usable english word for this one ;-)

Combined with caffe mocha - and I´m in heaven

 Øvre Holmegate has one of the sweetest clothing store.
Syvende Himmel - Seventh Heaven

As you see I was in sharp contrast to the surroundings

5 kommentarer:

  1. I loved seeing your posts on Instagram! Love the colors and good god, the chocolate!

    1. are so very kind :D

      And I can promise you, the chocolate is worth the trip from Texas to Stavanger alone!!! :D

  2. Fine bilder <3

    SV: Ja London er fantastisk :) Rop ut om du har noen gode Londonstips :D

  3. Great photos, lots of colours,
    Love your blog,
    come and pay us a visit sometime.

  4. Så koselige bilder :) Nå fikk jeg lyst på en bytur! Kule detaljer også.