lørdag 3. desember 2011

# Shop stop #

Oh yes...I`m still holding in there. We have now passed December 1st, and it`s officially 4 months since I bought anything.

Here are things I have let pass by with a heavy heart...

The BCBG Mendel bootie has been on my craving list for quite a while. I bought a pair of Finsk in stead of, but they turned out to be too big for me. (They are for sale if anyone wants them) However; the Mendel bootie appeared on eBay to a very nice price - and I did not buy them!

Picture from Sea of Shoes

I`m a big Razza fan. I`ve shown you my Leo the Lion and I have othere pieces as well. But i don`t have the elephant. I`ve been watching over eBay for like forevah to get the elephant home to Norway. And suddenly it appeared on Atlantis Dry Goods` site for a reasonable price - and I did not buy it. I also kept my fingers from clicking home this stunning Brass Disc necklace.

Picture from Atlantis Dry Goods

 But a the moment I`m in Rome and tomorrow is Amsterdam...


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