søndag 31. oktober 2010

#Sherlock Holmes#

We are lucky to have friends that really knows how to cook :-) Today we have a dinner invitation with fish soup, moose  and apple cake with ice on the menu! :-) Really looking forward to it...

I chose a Sherlock Holmes inspired look for the evening! Quite suitable I must say since it's Halloween, and we norwegians are adopting this tradition.

The shoes are Proenza Schouler

Trench from Geztus

Vintage purse  

 Photos from here, here and here

The food...mmmmmm

Really cool soup bowl from Ritzenhoff

One satisfied vorsteh :-)

And now; My so called life. I just love the Halloween episode. I can watch it over and over...and then over again :-)

onsdag 27. oktober 2010

#Boat trip#

A couple of weeks ago we went home to my parents. That trip requires a longer than long boattrip. 1 hour and 20min. Fortunately the weather was sooo nice, so I took my cute little doogie out of the car and out on the deck.

We had a great trip and got to see the sunrise....

A bit sceptical

But then a bit curiouse as well :-)

Ehm...and yes I have them. I have UGGs...but they are so comfy and keep me so warm. And they are perfect for a cold, but sunny boat trip :-)

And finally we arrived...my lovely, lovely island :-)

Nå har jeg registrert meg på Bloggurat.

mandag 25. oktober 2010

#Marilyn Manson#

yupp...I was indeed Marilyn Manson! :-) My boyfriend still has posttraumatic memories when thinking of me and my outfit that evening...

Wonder why...?

Together with my boyfriend...we make the perfect couple right?!

Cracking up in laughther....

But that had to stop since it didn't fit the choise of image...

Alexander DeLarge / Alex Burgess <3 Marilyn Manson

We arrived the red carpet with the other celebs!
Amy Winehouse...just being herself
The food...chinese...mmmm

Pamela Anderson and Dan Børge Akerø (a Norwegian TV host)

Interviewing Annifrid from ABBA

Queen of England...or Norway; we could choose ;-)

Yeah...about that image...

The Pope

Alice in Wonderland

Homer Simpson, Jimi Hendrix, Bjørn, Thelma and Louise (or maybe the other way around??), Agneta & Benny

RAVI (a norwegian artists), Oh Saaaaandy, Minni Mouse

Ron Jeremy, RAVI

Ron Jeremy bringing sexy back...

Some of the Amys tattooes...