onsdag 6. oktober 2010

# New Era #

After careful consideration I am going to start blogging again...
Because...I've made myself a couple of promises:

1. Not buy any clothes before next October...I'm a autumn chic so my clothes should be from A/W collections

2. Shoes...djeees, what about the shoes. Actually no promises here; only next pair of shoes should be on sale if I decide to purchase them.

It's a hard knock  life...

So, what to do when there is a shopstop? Well...blog about what I already have!! I need to focus on something else than all the candy out there.

Oh yeah, this is yet another fashion blog! Woohooo. Just what this world needs! ;-)

I really look forward to shear my favorites with you!

Let's start with my favorite ankle boots for this autumn:
 Dsquared Spine Heels, Proenza Schouler, Acne & Chloe

 Here is what I can choose from when it comes to pumps and ankle boots. It's not that many compared to other fashion bloggers...so I have some room to work on here ;-) 

 And how could I resist theese killers? The famous Dsquared Spine heels. Love them to death. Snapped them from Luxirare when I ordered the last pair at Luisa Via Roma. But I think they've got more of them now...

(And I'm soooo sorry for the poor picture quality...my Canon is at my boyfriends office)

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