onsdag 8. juni 2011

#Norwegian Wednesday#

Norway is a small country. The population in Norway per April 1st 2011 was 4 937 000 people.

Still there are many talented people here...even when it comes to fashion and blogging. Today I want to tribute the norwegian bloggers by recommending Dagens Outfit (Todays Outfit). A blog where people can upload their outfit. And if the outfit is approved you will have your 15minutes of fame :D
So much inspiration here from bloggers all over Norway :D
This outfit gave me mine 15 minutes! :-)

        verozitas                    Eplebit                           miss TineLinea               sandralura   

So go ahead - take a look at http://dagensoutfit.modette.no/

I promise everyone will find someting they like!

lørdag 4. juni 2011

#New jewelery shelf#

So...I've been neglecting my poor blog lately. However, now there is a new post coming right here!! :D

I've finally got my new jewelery shelf up in our bathroom. I have now all of my jewelery in the bathroom. Which means our bathroom could be mistaken for being a zoo ;-)

But I like it though...gives me a nice overview :-)

Yes, I actually have necklaces without animal motives...I need more of those...

A close up of some of my vintage belt buckles. I've added a couple more of the Cristopher Ross buckles since the last time I showed of this belt collection.

My beloved Atlantis Home collection finall got the space it deserves :-)


I'm not that all into rings, but somehow I've got a small collection of animals here as well ;-)

How could I resist this cute giraffe from Gina Tricot?

And here is a littlebit of my vintage Razza collection with a Doreen Ryan elephant belt buckles.

I love elephants :-)


Hope you're enjoying your Saturday! Stay safe ;-)